Turkey’s 2013 popular #OccupyGezi protests mark the days we were born. Our first steps to be freed from the dark silence of media were taken in those days. On March 30, 2014 municipal elections, we have started our first regular publications.

Since that day, we have been a part of life airing news on all kinds of developments, during all elections and important days.

We have reclaimed the essence of journalism while resisting against the transformation of society into a quiet, numb entity that does not look but prefer to ignore realities of life.

We have been representatives of citizen journalism, which is born of streets all around the world. We made use of all digital dynamics of a changing world to bring the rhythm of life to the rhythm of news.

We have seen time and time again the significance of increasing media literacy against flood of misinformation in digital age, while standing strong against censorship in Turkey.

In the last 7 years, we have offered 80 training sessions in 9 cities, welcoming 2000 participants from 78 provinces of  Turkey. Our training programs consist of 32 modules offered by 60 experts in our trainers pool. Through our training programs as well as our comprehensive research projects, we have not only been offering modern news coverage but also a media academy that aims to comprehend dynamics of media and define it in digital transformation period.

As a consequence of all these, in the last 6 years we have been presenting accurate, reliable and verified news based on information provided from our networks in many cities across Turkey consisting of dozens of regional journalists and hundreds of citizen journalists, to stand strong against censorship as well as fake news. We not only offer factual news but also present media formats such as data journalism, mobile video journalism, podcast.