Media Research Association (MEDAR) aims to conduct trainings, monitoring & research, present opinion pieces, curate theoretical & practical ideas deriving from the significance of mass communications tools for society. MEDAR positions itself on the side of people in a critical fashion, focusing on alternative media.

The association’s goal is to contribute to emergence of a free, independent & ethical media atmosphere as well as to gather qualitative & quantitative data on media professionals’ working conditions, media’s general operations, political & economic atmosphere to increase awareness in this field.

MEDAR Research & Analysis

MEDAR conducts field research on media as part of Turkey’s social, economic and political structure, to understand its qualities and within this framework to determine media’s transformation and how this transformation is based on social, economic and political developments and what kind of authentic qualities and impact it has.

MEDAR conducts active field research to reveal historical and contemporary developments in media. In these research studies, it effectively uses face-to-face interviews, in-depth interviews, online surveys, etc.

Within the framework of its foundation principles, MEDAR conducts media-research studies & observation on all fields of media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, internet, other media tools).

MEDAR presents systematic media observation reports and publishes analyses based on qualitative & quantitative data.

MEDAR conducts in-depth analysis of media content and studies on media’s impact on society, culture, politics.

MEDAR organizes meetings & workshops on matters related to media with participation of experts on these fields, academics, civil society and political representatives, media users; where people can discuss their opinions and exchange views.

MEDAR organizes national and international seminars, symposiums, conferences, workshops.

MEDAR runs projects in fields related to media on social matters.

Together with dokuz8NEWS, MEDAR attempts to extend the pluralism atmosphere and enhance the media literacy in Turkey.